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Blocks & Pads



Replacement Blocks & Inserts


Bondabelt supply Haul Off blocks for Rigid and Cellular PVCu extrusion applications.  All our blocks are manufactured to suit a customer's specific requirement relating to grip, profile, wear resistance etc. Bondabelt offers both types of Haul Off blocks either with a base plate/shaped section or as a push-in insert.


A problem commonly experienced with rubber blocks is the working surface ‘drying out’. This is when the contact surface of the blocks becomes shiny and hard leading to a considerable reduction in the coefficient of friction. The Polyurethane compound we use has been specially formulated to avoid this, whilst still offering the usual high wear and cut resistance associated with Polyurethane.
With the correct tooling, Polyurethane can be cast to accommodate complex profiles. This characteristic enables us to offer blocks that do not crush the product being extruded. One example of this is shown in the photograph to the right. Previously the Cladding section was continually splitting due to the clamping pressure required to pull it. Bondabelt designed and supplied a set of blocks that accommodated two different sizes of extrusion without splitting the product.


We have always prided ourselves on our ability to offer engineered solutions to the Extrusion Industry, whether it be belts or blocks. All our blocks are made to customer order, enabling us to offer a truly bespoke solution for a customer's specific requirement. Bondabelt have supplied blocks to fit machines produced by all the major OEM's in this market and now have a large portfolio of tools to produce OEM standard blocks.


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