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Custom Fabrication

Bondabelt have invested heavily in machinery and personnel, enabling us to offer a full range of machining operations to customise belts for specific applications. Below are some of our capabilities with notes relating to each. If you have specific requirements that are not shown please contact our Sales Department who can advise you of our full range of operations.


Vee Profile:


Vee profiling is often required for gripping tube or pipe. Grinding a Vee into the top surface provides increased grip and therefore less chance of crushing. Any angle can be machined allowing us to select a Vee that will suit a wide range of diameters.         

Slot Profile:


Slot profiling may be necessary to allow clearance for a "leg" in a product, T, L section etc. This profiling avoids damaging the product or belt. Any width, depth combination can be machined with square or round bottoms as required.

Radius Profile:


Radius profiling allows pipe and tube manufacturers to grip any diameter product without crushing and this is especially useful for thin wall extrusions. With the increased contact area radius profiling offers, higher pulling forces are achieved without the need to increase the clamp length.

Cross Slotting:


Cross slotting is necessary when the cover is too thick or hard to go around the pulleys. By grinding slots across the width of the belt we are able to stress-relieve the cover. We machine the slots across the belt at a 15 degree angle as standard, with depth and pitch chosen to maximize flexibility.



Cushiontex is where two covers are combined to achieve a soft substrate topped with a hard wearing outer cover. This composite covering can offer longer belt life, better grip (wrap-around effect), tolerance to irregularities and product protection. Practically any combination is possible, making it possible to offer a truly bespoke construction.

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